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Welcome to the Total Body Power challenge. For the next 14 days, get ready to burn, sweat, tone, and sculpt like you never have before.

This challenge incorporates alternating days of barre-Pilates & HIIT Pilates-style classes to leave you with an all-over burn you'll be cursing for weeks to come. With some of our most powerful upper body, lower body and core workouts yet, we'll leave no part of the body untouched. 

Recommended Equipment

While ALL classes can be done with bodyweight, if you have access to the following equipment you are welcome to use them throughout the challenge:

  • Resistance band

  • Ankle weights 

  • 2kg hand weights x2

  • 4kg hand weights x1

  • Pilates ball

  • Sliders 

  • Stool / chair

Ready to move? Let's go!