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Welcome to BOOTY SCULPT. Over these next 10 days, we're shifting all focus to sculpting, toning, and setting fire to your lower body—especially those glutes! 🔥

Dive into 10 targeted 20-minute mat Pilates classes that are tailor-made to elevate your booty game. From all the exercises you know and love to some new moves for you to try, each class will you feeling the burn.

Start Date: September 18

Recommended Equipment: While ALL classes can be done with bodyweight, if you have access to the following equipment you are welcome to use them throughout the challenge:

  • Resistance band

  • Pilates ball

  • Sliders 

$300 Nike Voucher

Don't forget - a $300 Nike Voucher is up for grabs! To be eligible to win, make sure you check out our Challenge FAQ page for all the details and competition rules.